5 Star Reviews

“When it comes to social media, Chelsey knows her stuff. Social media can be a little daunting, especially if you’re in my age bracket but she explains everything so easily that you’ll walk away with a Wow. That was easy. Talk to her today.”

John Maybury / Johnmaybury.com

“Really enjoyed doing one on one coaching with Chelsey – it’s been great to ask all the questions that I thought were stupid questions and get a better understanding of how to use Social Media in a more structured, organised and purposeful way.

Chelsey is very knowledgable and has some really great tools to help make social media that bit more achievable and easier to manage. Highly recommend to anyone looking to refine the way they work and get the most out of your social media efforts.”

Mandy Chamberlin / mandychamberlin.com

“Chelsey took a very thorough look at all my social channels and how I’m using them, in relation to my social media goals.

She provided actionable advice for how to really increase my exposure. Very helpful!”

Nora Dunn / The Professional Hobo

“Chelsey helped me navigate the big wide world of social media. There’s so much to learn from a business perspective and I got a lot of value from my one-on-one coaching sessions with Chelsey.

I feel a lot more confident and have a much clearer strategy. Thank you Chelsey!”

Loren O’Sullivan / NPH NZ

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