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Here at Social Media Coaching, I believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to learn social media for business. Therefore I have made several options available based on the needs of my clients. 

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Freedom Pass
One off payment

Do you want to learn specific skills around social media with flexibility around the how, what and when? 

This option is for you. 

Confidently DIY your social media with a helping hand available as you need it
10 Coaching hours to use as and when YOU need it
In depth training on topics and issues as you discover them
Meetings on Zoom for best use of your pre-paid hours
Use the hours over 6 months as you need it
Book online with ease
Enquire now
Group Coaching
Per person per month
Monthly group coaching sessions (max 4 people)
Confidently DIY your social media with a helping hand/sounding board available as you need it
Have a social media coach available by phone/email/Zoom when you have questions/ideas/concerns about your social media.
Coaching on social media strategies, planning, tools and more as needed
Minimum 6 month commitment
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Need something specific?

Call Me!

Chelsey took a very thorough look at all my social channels and how I’m using them, in relation to my social media goals. She provided actionable advice for how to really increase my exposure. Very helpful!

Nora Dunn / The Professional Hobo

Met with Chelsey today! She was very friendly and knowledgeable, she has really helped me come up with new strategies for how my business can shape up on creating a more powerful social network. We’re going to be implementing some of those ideas already!

Daniel Campbell / Give & Grow

Chelsey makes the complex world of social media simple and relatable.

Ryan Melton / Oneplan

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