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5 Rules To Break When Doing the Social Media for Your Business

social media help to break the social media rules

So you are doing your own social media for your business? Amazing.  There are so many tips and tricks out there to help you on your journey. These are the top 5 things I get asked about when I have the initial discovery session with my clients.  Here are 5 rules to break when doing […]

How to Make Time for Social Media

making time for social media

“Social Media is too time consuming for me!”  I have definitely heard that one before! If you have had this thought about the social media that you need to do for your company, then you’re not alone. I know that it can seem overwhelming to think about the fact that you have to be posting […]

Authenticity on Social Media, the Opinion of a Social Media Coach!

I had a meeting with someone and we got into a really in-depth discussion about social media and being authentic. This inspired me to make this video, in order to talk about authenticity and also to ask my community what their thoughts are about the subject.  I got a lot of responses and I have taken a […]

What Are “Quotivational” Posts and How Should You Use Them?

Have you ever heard the term “quotivational” when it comes to posts on social media?  If not, a quotivational post is a quote posted, perhaps with a nice background image, of words that inspire or motivate someone. Many people love following accounts that post this sort of content as it can lift a persons mood […]

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