how can I help business owners with young children?

Working from home and having a young child doesn’t mean you should miss out!

With more and more people choosing to work from home and spend more time with their families I have found that there is a need for more options for parents working from home with their little ones who want to expand their knowledge base and grow their business.

Why do I offer this service? I love kids and nannying has always been my go-to part time job ever since I was in high school. Since then, I have looked after children of all ages all across the world! I believe that children are awesome and capable of so much – including coming along to our sessions. I am patient and understanding and would not see a child and their needs as a hindrance, I only admire and applaud you hard-working parents!

So I would like to offer you social media coaching with a degree of flexibility around your child/ren. There are two options below and I believe you know which one would be best as you know your child best! As always, you can also have your child/ren around for social media coaching sessions on Zoom.


Bring Your Child Into Your Social Media Coaching Session

If you have a non-mobile infant then they are most welcome to join for the session, and you can take care of their needs as they happen. 

If you have a mobile infant, they are also welcome to join and can sit with you at the table with their own activities, or on the floor near you with activities/toys you bring for them to do during your session. Every child is different and each child will be able to handle a couple of hours in their own way. You know your child best and you will know if this option will work for you! 

social media help for mum


Use a Qualified Nanny for Your Social Media Coaching Session

If your child/ren would much rather be interacting with someone else for the duration of your session, going for a walk through the domain, or doing age appropriate activities with a qualified nanny, then I will arrange this for you. Simply bring your child/ren to the session and they will be taken off your hands for the duration of the session! 

The nanny I use for this service is a fully qualified ECE teacher, owner of Nature’s Explorers Outdoor Exhibition Program, and also happens to be my sister!

This service is available for up to three children at a time and is to be paid directly to the nanny.

When you’re ready to start your social media coaching journey with me, click the button on the right to email me and get started!