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Chelsey Ritson

Social Media Coach | Founder

“I know I need social media for my business! I have been told that so many times. So I try to post regularly, but I am not sure if I am posting the right stuff or if anyone is even seeing it!” 
I have heard this so many times, from friends, family and clients. It is 2019, and people know that in order for them to advance their business in this big online world, they need to be on social media. However, most people don’t even know where to start. They find themselves creating social media accounts, posting content that they feel they must post, and never analysing the results because those graphs and charts shown to them are far too difficult to understand. Another direction people take, is to hire a social media agency to do everything for them. It is easy, quick, and simple. The problem here is, although they may be doing your posts for you, as someone who does not know much about social media, you may not be sure of the effectiveness of what they are doing. Do they really understand your company’s needs? Do they understand your company’s brand voice? And what on earth do those reports that they send you even mean? If they send you them at all?
That’s where I come in! My name is Chelsey and I love social media, the possibilities are so endless and amazing I cannot get over it! I am a creative person, when somebody comes to me with a problem they are having online, my brain immediately starts buzzing and I think of all these ideas that I have to make it better. I love sharing these ideas with the people around me, and they love receiving them! One of my top skills is teaching people, I am patient, I am empathetic, and the feeling that I get from somebody learning something from me is awesome (And who can argue with that?).

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