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As someone who has been on social media since I was 13, I have most of my friends on Facebook at least and also use Instagram and LinkedIn. Since starting my business 18 months ago I have realised that there is a huge way of rating the support I get from each of my friends. I want to share with you how it impacts your business or can impact your friends businesses when you support their Facebook business page posts on social media. 

So this is the situation (hypothetically of course): Barbara has a business. She sells sunglasses, sunglasses with a really cool designs on its frames. Barbara has a Facebook page for her business and likes to post her designs on the Business Facebook page, as well as the finished products. Barbara has around 350 friends on Facebook. However when she posts something about her business on her page, the only people that see her posts from her Facebook business page will be 5 to 10% of her Facebook business pages fans.

However, when she set up her Facebook business page she, like most people invited her friends to like her page. Some of them actually did like her page. Therefore, when she does the posts of her designs, some of her friends see the posts. 

This is the potential a friend can make by liking, commenting or sharing her posts on her business page on Facebook:

Scenario one: 

  1. Barbara posts a photo.
  2. Dave sees the photo.
  3. Dave doesn’t like sunglasses so continues to scroll.
  4. Dave’s friend Nina who loves sunglasses won’t get a chance of seeing the post.

Scenario 2: 

  1. Barbara posts a photo.
  2. Dave sees the photo.
  3. Dave doesn’t like sunglasses however he does like supporting Barbara so likes the photo.
  4. Because Dave likes the photo, Nina, Dave’s friend who loves sunglasses sees the post.
  5. Nina, curious, clicks through to Barbara’s business page. 
  6. Then she clicks through to Barbara’s businesses website. 
  7. Then she browses all of the amazing sunglasses that Barbara makes. 
  8. She sees the most amazing pair that would match her bright orange hair. 
  9. She buys the sunglasses.
  10. Barbara has made a sale! 

This is because when somebody likes a post, it often gets shown to their friends on their feed. The same goes for LinkedIn! 

The point is support your friends and colleagues, it’s free.

This exact scenario has happened to me before, a friend shared one of my posts about one of my upcoming workshops, someone saw the post, contacted me, and we did some social media coaching sessions. 

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