Are You Really Delivering Value? Or is it more… Horseshit?

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My friend sent me an email the other day and he asked me to check out an article from a big CRM company. 

This article was titled “50 of the best Facebook ads that really caught our attention” and they had categorized each of the ads into different business categories such as e-commerce, consultants or coaches. So my friend asked me to take a look at the article and tell him my thoughts. 

So I looked through them, of course, I am always willing to give someone my thoughts on something! 

As I looked through them I thought “What on earth is this garbage? This seems like something an intern was made to write, just so that they would have content for their blog.” 

When I came back to him with that answer. He agreed. 

He said that he didn’t like it either. Well, he actually said “I thought it was a load of horseshit dressed up as a lead capture device for (this CRM) to get more peeps on their mailing lists.”

So I looked into this a bit further and I thought “why in the world would this big CRM company publish such a rubbish piece of writing? Aren’t blogs supposed to inform and educate and help your customers?”

This just felt like a waste of time.

 It was a waste of time reading it. 

I think it was a waste of time creating it. 

And the only reason that I could think of that it would be made is that they just needed to put a blog post out there. 

That made me think about my lack of gaining anything from this article, keep in mind I am keeping an open mind about the fact that it could have helped people who didn’t know Facebook ads like I do, and I understand and acknowledge that. 

But the person who sent it to me doesn’t know Facebook ads like I do. So that’s why they were asking for my opinion. So if I was someone who was not in the know about Facebook ads and different formulas for Facebook ads and copy and such, then I don’t know what I would have thought about this article… Where is the value???

Seriously, where is the value here? Because all I saw was an article that was there to just fill space, and to get more traffic and leads to the website… 

Okay, so that’s a good marketing strategy if you are the website owner. However, in my opinion, social media posts, blogs and all of those sorts of things should be aiming to provide value. 

What value do you provide to your clients or your audience?

When you are posting online this is a really important question to ask because as a social media coach, I teach my clients that, yes, it is great to post at least three times a week on your social media, but if you can’t provide anything of value or you can’t show how you’re going to help people, please do not post for the sake of posting. 

It’s obvious when that happens, and people don’t respond well to that content because you haven’t put much thought into it. They can smell the horseshit. So why should they put much thought into it by engaging with it? What value do you add? What value can you share? Think about what you know. Think about all of the knowledge that you accrued over your (many?) years of life. 

It doesn’t have to be directly related to your business, but it just needs to help people serve people or show people how you can serve them. Please don’t post a blog post or article just for the sake of getting it out there. (Unless you are an amazing writer and can publish the best blog post, just for the sake of getting it out there.) 

I found this problem as well when I was working at the digital marketing agency last year when we were writing blog posts for SEO purposes – the point was to get more traffic to the website and be seen more by Google. So alongside this strategy, there was just a lot of bullshit, no real opinions no real thoughts no real value and I just… I am kind of sick of it. 

To be honest, I’m sick of that lack of value. 

I just want people to feel informed, educated and cared about online. 

So, I guess what I need you to think about when doing your social media is: Is that what I’m trying to do? Or am I just trying to meet my quota for the week, or for the month? I’m sure you know, as with any other aspects of your life, that meeting quota, or aiming to meet quota doesn’t always produce the best quality work. 

Anyway, I hope that helps you. I hope that I can inspire you to really think about what you can give because when you give value out on social media. That’s when value comes back to you. 

When you give value out value comes back. When you give out horseshit.. Well… 

Are you giving out any value? Or are you holding all of the knowledge that you have inside of your head to yourself? If that’s what you’re doing, I really encourage you to let go of it, and allow other people inside of your head. Once they are inside of your head, they might want to work with you.

If you would like to see how the knowledge and passion you have inside your head can be translated into good quality, consistent online content, let’s talk. Send me a message for a no-cost discovery session with me to see how I can help. 

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