3 Signs You Need Help with Your Social Media

help with social media

You can do anything you put your mind to. I truly believe that! 

I mean, you’re running your own business! You are so capable. 

But there is just one thing that is getting in the way and it’s your social media. 

If you are experiencing one of the three things below, it’s probably a sign you should call in reinforcements (I’d recommend in the form of myself) to help. 

3 Signs you need help with your social media:

1.     You don’t know where to start when you sit down to do your social media

Good job! You have allocated an hour each day to work on your social media. Social media that is going to improve your brand image and most importantly, bring in more leads! More leads means more sales right? So yay you’ve allocated an hour each day to GET MORE SALES! Woo!! 

There is one problem though, you have sat down and then thought…. “now what?” 

Maybe you hop onto Facebook and get distracted by your Facebook timeline and catch yourself scrolling then shake your head and think no! I should write a post on my company page. But what do you say? You decide to share an interesting article you read earlier that has minimal significance to what you actually do. 

Then you go over to LinkedIn, get distracted by the home page feed and share your opinion on a couple of posts by others. 

Lastly you grab your phone and go onto Instagram and get distracted by flicking through the stories of other people. 

Cool, an hour up! What did you accomplish? Nothing! This is what happens when you don’t know where to start when you sit down to do your social media. You do things that aren’t going to help you move toward your goals!

If any of this sounded familiar, you need help with your social media.  

2.     You aren’t getting any results from your social media. 

“Well that first option isn’t me, I have a strategy that I follow, and I don’t get distracted by my feed and I do the things I need to do to use my time wisely online.” 

If that or something like that is you, then the next question to ask is, are you actually seeing results? 

  • Is your follower count increasing? 
  • Are you getting more leads from social media? 
  • Are you getting better brand recognition? 
  • Are you getting more sales? 

No matter what your goal is online, if you’re not achieving the results you want, you need help with your social media. 

3.     You feel like social media is a waste of time

I have heard this A LOT from many people I have met. It’s quite funny actually, introducing myself to a business owner for the first time and telling them what I do and their immediate reaction being “well I don’t use social media for my business, it’s such a waste of time”. Yeah, OK nice to meet you too and also yes, it definitely CAN be a waste of time. But that simply means you’re not spending your time on social media wisely! When you start to use social media with the right strategy and goals, you’ll definitely see it has the possibility to not be a waste of time. 

If this is your belief, subsequently making you discredit social media for your business, meaning your business doesn’t have any active social media accounts… guess what? You need help with your social media. 

If any of the three problems above sounded like you or someone you know, get in touch with me to see how we can start seeing results for your business online. 

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