5 Rules To Break When Doing the Social Media for Your Business

social media help to break the social media rules

So you are doing your own social media for your business? Amazing. 

There are so many tips and tricks out there to help you on your journey. These are the top 5 things I get asked about when I have the initial discovery session with my clients. 

Here are 5 rules to break when doing the social media for your business! 

1.     Keep it professional 

What does that word even mean anymore? Social media is around because everyone wants to stay connected with each other. That means humans want to be connected with other humans. Humans who have feelings, thoughts, values and connections. When doing the social media for your business it’s important that you portray that side of your business. Because I can guarantee someone out there in the world is selling the same thing as you, so why would someone choose to buy from you instead? It’s because they can relate to some aspect of your business. A great way to do that is through having some fun and seeing who else joins in on the fun too. 

2.     Only post original content 

Phew! That sounds like a lot of work. No wonder business owners get overwhelmed when thinking about what they should be posting online. Don’t worry! Around 20% of your content should be shared from other people and pages. Why? Because other people have ideas worth sharing too and by sharing their ideas with your audience you show that you care about what other people have to say on certain topics. You can add your 2 cents in when you share it on your own post which also speaks to your brand values. 

3.     Spend a lot of time on your social media 

Well that sounds… time consuming. One of the main things I work through with my clients is how to be smart when organising your social media. I don’t believe people should be spending a lot of time on social media, it can end up being a total time suck (we’ve all been there)! I have found that when I have felt the most like I am wasting my time online is when I don’t have a plan for what I am doing. Therefore you should allocate times and days to what you will do online. For example, I have a reminder on my phone for 3x a week to do a round of Instagram engagement and I save this for a time when I am waiting for something/someone. 

4.     Check & respond to every notification when it comes in

This is so hard!! I know it is so distraction when you see that little red icon saying you have a new notification. It is so hard not to go and check it “just quickly”. This goes hand in hand with my previous point because if you go online to check that ‘one’ notification you can get totally sucked into checking the rest of what is going on online. The best thing you can do to avoid this is switch of the notifications from your apps on your phone so you don’t get distracted. From there, ensure you do make time to check those notifications and reply to people but remember that this doesn’t take much brain power so I like to do this when I have done a bigger task previously. 

5.     Only use original images 

It is great to use images of your actual product or service and I do encourage this however I know it’s not always possible. This is why it is awesome that there are heaps of websites that have thousands of beautiful free images that you can use with your social media content. You’ve got websites like Unsplash, Pixabay, Jumpstory with photos and such however my favourite to use at the moment is Canva which isn’t actually free but they have the best candid photos I have seen around! 

As you can see, you don’t always have to be original, present and switched on! For more tips and tricks around social media, check out one of my upcoming social media for business workshops or contact me for a no-cost discovery session to see how you can up your social media game!! 

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