How to Make Time for Social Media

making time for social media

“Social Media is too time consuming for me!” 

I have definitely heard that one before! If you have had this thought about the social media that you need to do for your company, then you’re not alone. I know that it can seem overwhelming to think about the fact that you have to be posting seemingly “all the time” for your business. That’s what other people do right?? Well, you can’t go around comparing yourself to other businesses. Why? Because many businesses pay other people to write their social media posts for them (and that’s okay!). But maybe that’s not where you’re at right now, maybe you can’t afford that service or maybe you know that you can do it yourself but when it comes down to it… You just don’t. And again, you’re not alone. So how do you make time?

Something that I work through with my clients is the fact that social media is not about posting all the time. It’s not about posting every single hour of every single day. It is far more constructive for you to create a plan that works for you and within your schedule. Because most importantly, it’s not about quantity of posts, it’s about consistency of posts. That means that if you can only give yourself time to write one post a week – then write one post a week every single week. If you can give yourself time to write three posts a week, then write three posts a week, every single week. Whatever you are able to do, make sure it is consistent.

So, for this article sake, say that you have time to write three posts a week. How can you use your time most constructively to get those three posts out every single week? I know from experience, and from what I’ve seen from other business owners, it can be hard to sit down and write a post three times a week. A lot of the time you have the problem of lack of inspiration, and trying to find out what to post (which is a very common problem and one I will take business owners through in my upcoming workshop).

In regards to inspiration, what I have found is that at times of the week I will be inspired to write a post. Sometimes, I will be inspired to write three posts at once, and I know from experience that it is really important to take myself up on that inspiration. I use a scheduling tool called HootSuite, it is an app that I have on my phone, and also a website that I use on my laptop. When I get the inspiration to write a post, and it is not the time to actually post it, I find the scheduling software really useful for writing down the post, finding the image or finding the link, and then scheduling it for a time that would be more appropriate to post on social media. 

This method takes a level of awareness about your social media. If you are not used to posting on social media or talking about what you’re doing online then this method might be hard for you. It is easier for you if you are conscious of the fact that you do need to be posting three times a week (for example) and therefore you are more able to have the thought that you must write things down when you get the inspiration. 

Another method of using scheduling software to your advantage (to save time) is to actually sit down and schedule out posts for the week. This means crafting out time in your schedule every single week (because remember consistency over quantity) and actually doing it!!! 

Amongst posting on social media, there is also a huge involvement of engaging with your audience online, in order to build that trust and connection that you are trying to build online. To save time, this is when it becomes important to integrate social media into your every day life. For example, if you are going to the doctor and are told to wait in the waiting room, pulling out your phone and going to your business social media and engaging with your audience is the most productive use of this time in order to fit that social media engagement into your day. This is another method that I use personally during times when I am waiting for something! 

So essentially, there are two main things that you should be doing with your social media and there are several strategies that you can use to save time, I have highlighted a couple of my favourites that work for me. Making sure that you’re posting regularly, consistently, and engaging with the people that engage with your content online, is the most important. If you can find time in your schedule to do this then that’s great. In my opinion, social media does not need to be time-consuming. It actually shouldn’t be time-consuming. I don’t want you to waste a second online as I understand you have other things to do as a business owner!! When I work with business owners, I work with their own limits and capabilities to achieve the results that they are able to achieve, and bring an awareness to how much time you should be online, and when to hand this responsibility over to someone else! 

If you are interested in learning more about what I do, book in for an initial strategy session with me and we will look at where you’re at, how much time you really have to invest, and what your next steps should be on social media for your business. Contact me here.

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