Social Media Workshop Series – 7 Things I Learnt

social media workshop

Last month I did my first social media workshop series! I was pretty nervous leading up to it but it actually ended up going well. The amazing thing is the lesson that everything always works out as it should. I was also really glad to have asked around for advice beforehand which I believe is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. A friendly reminder that there is always someone out there who is more experienced than you at something!

So what did I learn? I’ve made a list below and trust me when I say, I did almost everything in a complicated and messed up way (that’s how you learn your lessons best anyway):

  1. Start promoting your event waaaay ahead of time.
  2. Use all of your social media channels to let people know what is happening, multiple times. (This is important as not everyone will see every post – it may feel repetitive but trust me, it’s necessary!)
  3. If you are partnering with someone make sure you are on the same page. This will stop many miscommunications and false expectations.
  4. Put the event up on sites like eventfinda, eventbrite, and stuff. Even if your event is really small, putting your name and website on reputable sites like this looks great on search engines. (My website and name are now out there in more places on the internet!)
  5. Communicate with your attendees beforehand, get to know who is coming and what they will bring to the table in terms of expertise and specialisations.
  6. Communicate with your attendees after the event too! Give them an opportunity to send you feedback, give them the link to your Google listing for a review, show them how they can continue working with you.
  7. Document how it went well, what you could have done better, what you missed, what you talked about too much, how did the time work for you etc.. ASAP after the event has finished. The more fresh the event is in your mind, the better.

I was so honoured and happy to have this social media workshop experience happen just before Covid-19 locked down the world! I learnt so much about what value I am able to give to people and how much business owners can use someone like me to help them.

If you are interested in seeing how I can help you, click here to book in for a call or find other ways to get in touch here.

social media workshop

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