Reconnecting with Creativity in 2019

I watched a TED talk by Joseph Gordon Levitt yesterday on how craving attention makes you less creative and he spoke about how we see creativity now as a means to an end, opposed to just as an outlet with no end in sight – as creativity was when we were children. 

It really got me thinking about my creative hobbies! I like dancing, singing, playing guitar, and writing songs and when I tell people this they as if I am going to put my stuff out there, what will I do with it from here, will you make money from it, etc and I just think no.. I do this for fun, because I like the feeling of creating something. There’s literally no other motivation to do these things (although the thought has crossed my mind). These things are a fantastic escape to a relaxed world and often it is when I am doing these things that I get great ideas for my business. Here is a picture from a songwriting course I did for fun with a complete mix of people!!

I wanted to write about this to get you thinking – do you have any creative hobbies? Or perhaps… DID you have any creative hobbies? Maybe you have lost the time to do them or it is down the bottom of the priority list as things to get done today. 

I reckon it’s time to stop thinking of a creative activity as an item on the to-do list all together and rather make it a state of being. Just allow yourself the freedom a few moments of the day to get creative! (FYI it does help to take away the internet for as little as 10 minutes).

I will leave you with this question… What’s the last thing you created for no real reason at all? 

TED talk here:

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