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I was recently contact by a friend of mine who was pretty excited. A recent Instagram post of hers had received higher engagement than normal. That means more likes and comments than she usually got on her posts. The thing is, (and something I have advised to change) is that she posts the same type of content in every post. This content is a quote on a nice background that is relevant to her industry. It doesn’t have high engagement and I have advised in the past to change things up, and make it more personal to her. 

bots on instagram with quote picture

So she said “This post has performed really well with heaps of comments and engagement…is it just good content? Trying to keep track of what quotes to use moving forward.” Honestly, this message surprised me because I know what she has been posting and how could a specific quote be so amazing that it spiked engagement. So I went and had a look… and lo and behold, they were bot engagements. Which means they are not real. Bugger!

What are bot engagements? 

Bots are little robots that are programmed to go around Instagram, engaging with specific types of content, that they find through the use of hashtags. 

Why do people use bots with hashtags on Instagram?

I will take you through an example to make it as simple as possible! 

  • Someone has a Instagram page, let’s call it @yoga promoting his/her yoga studio. 
  • Someone, let’s call her Anne, posts on her personal public Instagram about their amazing yoga session this morning. 
  • She uses a hashtag in their post #myyogapose 
  • The owner of @yoga knows that their target market does yoga, and therefore is likely to use that hashtag when posting about themselves. 
  • The owner of @yoga programmes the bot to comment “Wow! Looking good!” on Anne’s post that has used #myyogapose 
  • (The idea is that…) Anne will then see the comment, go to @yoga, and see the content is relevant to her, so she will then follow the page! And that is the point of bots on Instagram!

So unfortunately, my friend’s post wasn’t anything to get excited about! But she was definitely on the right track about wanting to do more of what works. When you post content it is really important to keep track of the engagement so you know what your audience wants and likes and do more of that. 

Should you use bots like this? 

In my opinion… nope! It can hurt your page’s reputation and Instagram could even mark it as spam and shut it down, losing all of your progress so far! 

What are your thoughts on the use of bots to boost likes on your page? Let me know in the comments!! 

If you have any questions about this feel free to get in touch with me at

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