Where to start on social media?

Millions of people use social media everyday. They are using all forms of social media: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter and more. The exposure on social media is huge, the amount of people you can reach is huge, and the options you have are limitless. 

However for a lot of people, this is quite stunting. Where do you even start on social media? 

I am sure that many of you reading this post right now are at all different stages on this journey. You may have started an account or two already, or might be at the very beginning. Either way, you need to know what to do next in order to take your social media to the next level.

Buffer is an online content planning tool that allows you to schedule posts in advance across your social media accounts. They have made the awesome video below to explain 13 tips for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Now I know everyone has their preference between reading and watching so I have written out the tips as well as posted the video. 

13 Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs:

  1. Make a commitment to plan, create and use social media.
  2. Establish goals based on your desired outcomes for your social media program.
  3. Remember to share who you are as a brand or a business, what makes you unique?
  4. Set aside time for social media, take the time to create great content in batches.
  5. Listen to your customers as opposed to only promoting your product. 
  6. Focus your social efforts on one channel at a time, see what works on each channel before just posting to all of them.
  7. Automate your processes, use the available tools to save time and make you successful. 
  8. Pick the right tools for your business, see what will benefit your business the most according to your goals.
  9. Create a social media calendar to plan your content in advance. 
  10. Passion helps to create amazing social media content. Pick a topic that you love, and talk about it. It doesn’t have to be directly related to your brand! 
  11. Learn from the best. Follow your peers and competitors in and outside of your industry and see what they post about.
  12. Engagement drives growth on social media. Engage and build rapport with your audience. 
  13. Don’t try to be all things for all people. What are you all about on social media? 

For more detail on these 13 points be sure to watch the helpful video below! 

If you need any help starting on social media, contact us today for a free 60 minute consultation and we will help you reach your goals. 

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